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TICKETS: Passion & Paradise Fashion Show Festival

TICKETS: Passion & Paradise Fashion Show Festival

Passion & Paradise Tickets & Add-ons

Escape to the Tropics at "Passion and Paradise"  2nd Annual Fashion Show Festival! 🌴

DATE: June 8th, 2024

Time: 5-9 PM CST

LOCATION: 2130 W Ogden Ave, Chicago, IL 60612

Welcome back for our second annual Passion & Paradise fashion show, presented by Sunflower Cabana & MarlyBoy Apparel  We are turning Chicago into an island oasis while, bringing you the hottest trends, mesmerizing performances, and a whole lot of tropical flair.

👗 Strut Your Stuff: Fashion takes center stage with runway shows featuring top-notch designers. Don't just watch the fashion unfold—grab your favorite looks straight off the runway from our fabulous vendors. 

Attire: You are a part of the show as well! Arrive in your favorite your best tropical gear and bold bright colors! We would love if you used our event colors of blue, yellow and pink for inspiration. We will have a best-dressed competition! The lucky winner gets to take home a prize.

🌈 Dance Into the Night: Experience the rhythm of the islands with sizzling burlesque and freestyle dance performances that span genres and ignite the stage. From the Caribbean to Chicago!

🎤 Groove to the Music: Our high-energy musical performances will enchant you. Feel the melodies, embrace the vibes, and let us transport you to a paradise of sound.

🌮 Tropical Treats: Savor the flavors with a variety of food and snacks available for purchase. Indulge in delicious bites that will transport your taste buds to a culinary vacation.

🤝 Support a Worthy Cause: "Passion and Paradise" is not just about style; it's about giving back. We're proud to donate a portion of ticket sales to a charity of our choice 

🎉 Stay tuned for more information on the official  Afterparty: The party doesn't stop when the runway lights fade. Join us for an unforgettable afterparty that keeps the drinks flowing, the vibe glowing, and the celebration alive. Don't miss out on the chance to dance into the night!

Mark your calendars, pack your tropical flair, and join us for the fashion fiesta of the year at "Passion and Paradise" ! 🎉🌟




Q: When does the show start?  

A: Promptly at 5:30PM we have a full show and want to make sure we serve you with the planned three hours of entertainment!

Q: Is this event BYOB? 

A: Yes, we will have security at the door. If you have outside beverages and did not buy a ticket option at the door you will need to pay the surcharge for a BYOB wristband. The best value is to purchase a VIP Silver or Gold ticket.

Q: How is parking

There is free first come first serve parking available that includes about 50 parking spaces. Early arrival is suggested.

Q: What is the dress code? What should I wear?

You are a part of the show as well! Arrive in your favorite or your best tropical gear and bold bright colors! We would love if you used our event colors of blue, yellow and pink for inspiration. We will have a best-dressed competition! The lucky winner gets to take home a prize.

Q: Are tickets refundable?

All tickets are final sale. Tickets are non-refundable.

Q; Will tickets be available at the door? 

Yes,  but it will be at a higher rate than priced online. Ticket options with guaranteed seating will not be available for tickets purchased the day of the show. 


Ticket Options: 


-Entry to fashion show Swag Bag  
-Swag Bag
-Reserved Best Seating Guaranteed  
-5 Raffle Tickets 
(Value $25)
-BYOB Wristband; wristband includes, cups, ice and limited chasers (Value $10)
-Access to the fashion show festival, entertainment & vendors


-Guaranteed reserved seating 
-Raffle Tickets 
(Value $10)
-BYOB Wristband; wristband includes, cups, ice and limited chasers (Value $15)
-Access to the fashion show festival, entertainment & vendors

VIP Silver Bring a Bestie  $95

-Two VIP Silver tickets

General Admission- $40

-Access to the fashion show festival, entertainment & vendors 
-NO Reserved Seating- Seat not guaranteed
-If you would like to do BYOB you would have to pay for an additional  add on for the BYOB wristband

Swag Bag (ADD ON ONLY) -$50 

Swag Bag includes :
-An exclusive Passion & Paradise hat (Value $30)
-Coupon for free merchandise from Sunflower Cabana (Value $15)
-Raffle Tickets  ($10 Value) 
...snacks and more!

BYOB Wristband a la carte $15


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