About the Owner

Meet Jessa; 

Owner of Sunflower Cabana, a company that specializes in image and personal style consulting, as well as luxury activewear. When you feel good you will look your best!

    She considers herself a certified joyful flowerchild and would classify herself as a motivational model. She found her way in the fashion industry as a pre-teen in her first fashion show and has been on and off modeling ever since. As a teen, she was shy by actions, but let her big personality be showcased through her style. From a young age, she used signature pieces like the flower in her hair to highlight her best features. As time went on, she wanted other women to embrace themselves and highlight their best features as well!

    In 2020, she launched her brand, Sunflower Cabana. It initially began as an accessories boutique, but has expanded to so much more. After she went through her own self-awakening journey, she rediscovered herself in her closet and used it as a tool to upgrade her mental well being & life. When she discovered her magic was service, she re-branded Sunflower Cabana to offer personal style development coaching. Her vision is that everyone on a self-discovery journey or embracing a new stage in life will be able to embody their essence from the inside out. Sunflower Cabana is a safe space to live life and full bloom for all who are ready.



Learn the power of personal style! We are here to guide you to the next level you!

To help guide ambitious women & men on their journey of embracing their authentic personal style in order to manifest their best selves.We are a safe space for you to discover what you want to highlight about yourself.

We collaboratively develop your personal style through exploring aesthetics, color analysis, garment structure and more base on your determined goal. By the end of your journey, you will be able to successfully know and embody your personal style essence!

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