Sunflower Cabana Presents Art is Growth Immersive Art & Fashion Show - Sunflower Cabana

Sunflower Cabana Presents Art is Growth Immersive Art & Fashion Show

Welcome to Art is Growth- Immersive Art & Fashion Show Experience. 

Dive into an immersive art & fashion spectacle themed around collaboration, hope, and resilience accented by live musical performances 

With the theme of "Collaboration NOT Competition" Jessa of Sunflower Cabana teams up with Studio Prolific, model coordinator Cynn J. and four other designers for an immersive art meet fashion show.


A word from Jessa: 

What does “Art is Growth” mean?
This phrase goes way beyond the canvas; it's a short & sweet reminder that we are all constantly evolving, just like the most magnificent pieces of art.🌱💪You see, life is a canvas, and each day is an opportunity to create something beautiful, something uniquely YOU. 🖼️💖

Imagine your heart as the canvas and your experiences as the vibrant strokes of paint – each one representing a different emotion, obstacle, or achievement. Your soul is the paint, and with every experience, it evolves, creating a masterpiece of a life. 🧡🎨

🎨❤️ Sometimes, it gets messy; it might not always make sense, and that's okay! It's in those moments of chaos that the most beautiful transformations occur. Each stage is like a refreshing new chapter, adding depth and beauty to your story. 📖💫
Each one of us is a unique masterpiece, a work in progress. 🖼️🌻 And instead of comparing ourselves to others, let's celebrate our individuality and appreciate the beauty of diversity. 🙌🌈We are grateful for the differences that make us unique, and we thank life for the opportunities to grow and evolve. 🙏🌻

This year especially I have learned that when we choose gratitude and thankfulness, amazing things happen. I started my clothing line February 2023 and it has taken me to amazing places faster than I could imagine. 🌈✨You see, there's this incredible magic in embracing growth and collaboration over competition.

🤝💞 When lift each other up, we learn and we grow together. 🚀💡 So, let's support one another's journeys, because in this collective symphony, we create something truly extraordinary. 🎶🌠 Remember, there's room for everyone to shine. So, let's not compete; let's collaborate, congratulate, and celebrate the magnificent artwork that is each of us!

But here's the magic, my friends – we're ALL masterpieces, and each one of us is one of a kind! 🌟🌟 There's no need for competition when we can celebrate and collaborate. 🙌🤝

So, let's embrace the masterpiece of the unknown, cherish the growth, and remember that art is not just what hangs on a wall –
Most importantly…Art is Growth. Art is beautiful. Art is YOU!

In your face with love,
Jessa- Owner of Sunflower Cabana

Queeny Bitch:
A queer stand-up comic and singer-songwriter based out of Chicago. Known for their irreverent perspective, you can find her performing all over Chicago including Zanies and Laugh Factory.

Owner of Sunflower Cabana.Certified joyful flowerchild with an award winning smile. She would classify herself as a motivational model. Certified personal style development coach, leader of Lade’s Blossom Campaign. Member of "The Network- Chicago"

Venue & Immersive Art Show:
Studio Prolific

Chicago’s Best Immersive Art Studio! 🎨 Paint Parties, Art Workshops, Yoga, Live Events, and Space Rental


Sunflower Cabana
Timeless statement pieces that are eco-friendly. Luxury activewear and swimwear brand that believes that wealth is health. Let's live life in full bloom by feeling good & looking good while being active!


MarlyBoy Apparel
A brand inspired by the legacy Bob Marley left for his family and my gift to the world by promoting peace, love, and unity!


Mojo Tali
Where luxury and slow fashion intertwine, bringing you a world of timeless elegance and impeccable craftsmanship while also being eco friendly.


Club 310
A brand of one of a kind pieces is for winners who have been doubted forever

Velvet Rachi

Chicago up and coming designer who specializes in custom fashionable pieces


Made By Prod.10
Made By Prod.10 is a clothing brand made from the hands of an Artist Named: Prod.10 /Producer 10/. In The Brand, We create Art in clothing expressing Hidden Truth, Love and Great Styles of personality for everyone to wear.

Social Media: Facebook: @Made By Prod.10 | TikTok: @Madebyprod.10

Creative Director, Model Coordinator & Choreography:
Cynn- Ra'niya Jones
Model Mentor, Poetry Author
Holistic Pole Instructor,Creative Consultant, 3x Video Muse

Booking Info:
Poetry Book:


Actress, Model
from the South Side of Chicago out in the world being a creative being.


Creative Director, 3X Published Model, 2x Video Muse
CEO of Butterflyeffexxx

Anthony Elkareh
Singer/Songwriter, Model, Actor, Influencer

Booking Info:
All social platforms/ music / work:

Apella Shanay
Model, Stylist, Teacher, Mentor, Graduate Student & Entrepreneur.
Her passions lie in fashion, creativity, and learning.


Brienne Nicole
Model, Spoken Word Artist

Booking: or DM

Kobi Lyles
Model, Actor , Dancer. Well versed roller coaster enthusiast. Choreographer

Biochemical Psychosocial Researcher, Herbalist, Model, Dancer

Booking Info:

Madame Monay
Artist, Model, Creator

*See designer information

Tia Marie
Multifaceted multitalent
Fashion Model, Singer, Dancer, Artist, Aspiring Actress

Booking Info:

Tiara Allure
Clinical Massage Therapist, Model, Writer, Singer, Poet, Commercial and Actress, Creative Entrepreneur and, last but not least, free-spirited individual.

Booking Info:

Zacharyiah Austin
Model-Poet-Actor-Mentor. Fitness / Nutrition / Lifestyle Coach, TFL Athlete born on the South-side of Chicago

Booking Info:

Sound Engineer:
Tayiib Dauda

Singer, Poet,Write,Actress, Host; a vessel with a divine connection

Booking info:

Antonio Khari
CEO:BLCK KNGDM Entertainment, LLC.
Artist, Model, Producer/Engineer, Writer, Actor, Networking Consultant,

Booking Info:
Email @
Enjoy the the Recess Project, Shop Merch, and SO MUCH MORE at:

Black Flame
The SH*T Musically
Artist, Writer (for men & women), Producer, & Performer. #Love&Positivity

Booking Info:

A Chicagoland native, singer, songwriter and lover of many arts. "I mostly write what makes me feel good." Her other interests are painting, dancing, yoga,and eating good food.
Booking Info:

Prod 10
*see designer information

Make-up & Hair Artist

Monalisa Beauty
Monalisa makeup artistry is brand that provides luxury cosmetic products and services that are targeted to Black customers
Promoting skin care, diversity and uniqueness.Using High quality ingredients and products.

Special O’Cajun
Celebrating Cajun Culinary Delights 🌶️ | Indulge in Vibrant Flavors | 📍 Chicago,IL | Est. 2023 |

Shemar’s Caterng
Welcome to Shemar’s. We are a catering service providing affordable meal prep services, fresh baked goods, heat n eat entrees, and group fundraisers. Ask us about our Shemar’s On Wheels Senior’s program and Personal Chef Services. Oh Taste And See That It Is Good.

Event Photographer

Elemeantal photography

A special thanks to all of our donors and volunteers! Especially "The Network-Chicago" . This would not be possible with out you!

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